hi. here is another painting. i did this for andrew.
i call him "adventure man", the painting, not andrew, although the title applies to him as well.

there's not so much to say, the symbols are quaintly obvious. i chose green for the balloons because it's the color of the heart chakra, where he acquires the extra lift to propel his contraption.

i have been doing more painting...
Hello friends, this is a painting i finished recently it's on canvas board
which makes it seem like a grade school students work but materials are materials. over the summer i was into imagining time/space travel vehicles. this is not a vehicle per se but more of a portal into space. perhaps there is an elevator in the shaft and lodging, entertainment facilities, offices, whatever on the side. the power is in the base. what do you do in space once you get there...? that's the real question. Andrew and i wanted to take a road trip out to albuquerque just for something to do but what would we do when we got there? the planning is really more the pleasure, the imagining is it. the realization is the a dark cloud of truth. everything is everything and nothing by itself or together, really.

well i spiffy-ed up the blog i hope you like it. i wish it meant that we would be creating and posting at a faster rate but alas, i fear not.

shirt & purse

i made this purse from a pattern in this book and i absolutely love it. i decided to not do the applique and leave it plain and it is so perfect. it's by far one of my favorite projects to date and it was super easy. i'll have to take a better picture of it one of these days though.

i made this shirt over the summer. i kind of hate the collar, it feels huge when i wear it, but i've found it works well with layering. i don't know how easy it is to see but its a really small black and white gingham.