RA RA Reemake

this skirt was a pair of andrew's man capris which he stopped wearing,
now it has ruffles.

an embroidered pair of jeans back pocket. just for fun. its a peony.

and another re-make i bought this skirt for 400 yen it was to small come to find out so i put a panel of denim between one of the zippers now it fits.


this took me about 2 years to finish. leaving it for months on end. it was fun to knit. tiny and time consuming. the pattern was interesting not quite lace but it has that appeal. the pattern called for cotton yarn, its a rowan pattern from their spring 2008 book so rowan yarn of course which is really expensive, instead i bought a nice sock yarn in its place, much cheaper. the feel and drape are much different i'm sure than if i would have used cotton but... maa maa.だいじょうぶう.

the glove come camera case

I coveted these gloves for about 3 months then i lost one after i finally bought them haha (God's humor) anyway i couldn't let go of the lone rider so the fingers and thumb came off and i sewed the openings closed.
now its a soft and suitable protector for our camera!

Purses and skirt

I made this last summer. I found this ribbon with the sewing stuff my grandma gave me, so i used it for the strap.

Here's another purse I made last summer...
And finally.. my current project which i may be abandoning for now, i got some really cute fabric yesterday that I really want to use....

T remake

this is one of andrew's old shirts that was too stretched out for him to feel comfortable in so
i cut the sleeves off and the seem at the bottom which is the ruffled collar at the top back,
the front is slouchy naturally without the collar seem & from the weight of the fabric,
the arm holes are basted into a tucked looking seem,
it's a little frumpy but the fabric is nice and couldn't go to waste, motai nai!
it's good casual summer wear.