the atlas collection

here are more books i made as party favors for my(our) baby shower. all the images are from an older atlas. lined notebook paper was used to fill them. they have about 20-30 pages each. i stamped the back with a little heart and my initials with a little 'thank you!', the guests chose which one they liked. making these out of recycled materials feels like i am making progress in 'simplifying' life. it keeps my hands and mind busy and there is a final product that can be reused in which lies the reward i suppose.


quilted coasters an excuse to do little embroideries and to use the smallest of fabric scraps. good for condensation although there is no drinking of icy beverages this time of year. :) even though the past few days have been a heat wave here in chicago today reaching a sunny 40.

other crafts

makin' books. i randomly watched a youtube video on making journals expecting it to be something i would have to gradually warm up to thinking there were too many steps and tools but i happened upon a relatively simple instruction and the process seemed possible. i wish i weren't so prone to instant or really quick gratification but ... the best i can in this case is share the info here and try to think about what good i can really do instead of making this junk for myself. :)