fun little project

well i had this odd painting and i thought it was silly by itself so i put it in a frame of sorts and added a veil to make it more interesting i guess. it was fun to make but what would someone do with something like this? i suppose it could be used as a stage if you wanted to make a stop animation, just add some little figures, and a story. strangely crafting this frame out of a cardboard box was really exciting then realizing i could sew into it to add the veil, maybe it's the gratification that an object is being made. although i need to work up to some kind of framing or display for the tree paintings. which i will need to get ready soon Feb 19th soon.

imagination, abiquiu

this is reminiscent of Abiquiu, a town in New Mecxico North of Santa Fe. The Dar al Islam campus is located there. We didn't find out that the remote almost deserted mosque we saw was part of a school. this is just an imagination from memories. Abiquiu is an interesting town, Georgia O'Keefe lived there for many years we met a man who told us that and she paid for his schooling. new mexico is a mystical place.
the pouch of pooches.
i tore strips of the poodle fabric then wove them into a new sold piece. obviously it's for novelty use but it fits some of the essential sewing tools so it's not completely useless. you could also hang it on a door knob and leave love notes in it.

this was constructed while we were still in japan but i finally put the button on it the other day :)