andrew read about a method to build a vegetable garden easy and anywhere. square foot gardening. with about 3 bags of soil a bag of compost and 2 bags of peet moss the box was filled. we bought small plants to secure results hehe, we're beginners.
the players: we have cherry tomatoe in the top left spinach seeds working underground next to him and a beautiful lavender plant top right. in the middle basil lettuce and mr. hairy onion guy. at the bottom another tomatoe, a pepper and a lady strawberry in the corner! so far so good.
we anchored some other plants of our fancy at the corners.
Shikoku has such a conducive climate for growth.*
but alas we will leave before it gets crazy at least we got to plant, alhamdullalah.

an older creation

this neckwear was created when we lived in lincoln square, after andres and i first got married. I didn't know guitar strings had to be changed at all and so often (for a particular sound) there were old metal strings laying around and i got this really cool pendant (the bull) from Cherokee North Carolina, its a great little town we visited twice next to the blue ridge mountains. Cherokee is quiet and lovely in the fall and early spring but Gattlenburg on the other side is the commercial side its beautiful in its own bizarre circus kind of way but we enjoyed Cherokee more. anyway i put the bull on a pink string and then with a bead some guitar strings and love...

the reverseable computer envelope.

Emily's newish projects

here's my Seattle skirt, you can kind of see the messed up zipper in the side view one.

And here's the dress that turned into a skirt... I still have to fix the waistband so it's a little bunchy.

to begin

this blog will attempt to add extra pressure for us (emie & angie) to create and share the objects we have crafted with love from thread yarn fabric and all the necessary tools required to construct them. please follow this blog and post if you find it enjoyable.