totally grade school art project

back to the crafts posting. i had all this tissue from some presents i got over the weekend at our baby shower, let me tell you this baby has no idea what kind of crazy world it will be entering. a world where a corporation gives you a mile long list of "must haves" that ost of the world could never dream of having, or better yet would just complicate things more if they DID have some of these things. like today i just found out that one, a nursing mother that is, can express breast milk without a pump, for the purposes of storage or to release a surplus. fancy that!
I didn't get the simple pump that i put on my registry and now i am thankful because it may not even be necessary. besides the seemingly endless phone calls to insurance to see if they were covering the homebirth putting things on our registry has been the next most stressful thing. but the showers are over and we have some really great stuff that has about the life span of open guacamole, ok a little longer than that but only by a few months. we are 37 weeks today! andrew and i ready but i don't think the little critter is done fattening up my body doesn't seem ready either, no practice contractions or dropping yet. my mind is really the only part that's ready.
now that i went off on that tangent i'll tell you about this glass with tissue paper. well that's really all to tell. i used acrylic gel matte Golden brand to glue the tissue on. it really makes a nice little glow. we bought a huge ikea pack of tea lights for our oil disspenser then ran out of oil but i had this glass from a candle that we used and it must be spring inspiration is coming back.

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  1. Congrats on your baby-on-the-way! I hope your home birth is everything you want it to be. You're right about all the stuff having a short lifespan . . . not so much because it breaks or wears out, but because you'll realize it's uselessness when you have a baby in one arm during every. task. you perform. ;) Best of luck to all three of you!