perhaps the beginning

hi again. Esme is asleep and i need to get something up here. that makes it sound like a guilt thing but no i do actually value and hope others do too this blog however dusty it may get between posts. as for the painting andrew and i love Albuquerque and we needed something in our living room on this big white wall.
reminiscent of the sandia mountains, calling from memory the big skies ... this is what happened. it's plesant enough to look at all the time sorta like a personalized hotel painting but brighter... that might be a good idea for a series, like the southwest hotel room and have all pictures of this nature but with my hand visible in the work, cuz it seems like most hotel paintings from prints have no trace of human hands and maybe worse the new 'modern' look just appears like a computer spit it out on paper. maybe i say all this dissapointedly because we can't afford to stay in the fancy hotels where they actually have real peoples real work on the walls. huh.
BTW Esme is so awesome! babies are like pure sugar love and they are fascinating at that. summer is progressing nicely. i hope you all remember michael J. on the 25, his great legacy lives on.


  1. beautiful!! i totally love it. have you done any that are japan-inspired? we are going to need some art for the new house :)

  2. i would love to do something for your new home! well i did do a bunch of stuff that was japan inspired, indirectly i guess, but no landscape stuff is that what you and chris (or just you ;) are interested in?

  3. That's a beautiful painting...I think this painting definitely deserves to be in someone's home.